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In House Training


"When I first met J, a magazine cover body was the ultimate goal. Four years later and I have redefined my physical boundaries and become stronger than I ever thought possible. Fitness has become my lifestyle thanks to J, as he creates an environment that makes you want to challenge yourself. Every session is designed specifically for me whether it's to reach a camera-ready toned look for an awards ceremony or I'm dealing with an ITB issue, J brings with him a great depth of knowledge on human anatomy so conversations leave you empowered to add to that his awesome motivating skills and laughs there are always laughs." - Crystal Arnold (Supersport Presenter)


"I started training with Jason after my chiropractor told me to lose weight as it was affecting my back. I have two herniated discs, one in my lower spine and one in my upper spine, and I was in continual pain from disc movement.

When I first started with Jason he asked me to get a letter from my chiropractor so he knew the exact problem and got me to see a biokineticist to ensure he was equipped to train me without causing further injury, but more importantly to help repair the problem as well.

We started with very simple and basic movements and a strict diet - Jason's favorite discipline!! But it works.

Slowly but surely the weight came off and my spine became more stable. I saw less and less of the chiropractor.

Within a year we moved from basic exercises to me doing squats, with my spine being strong enough and stable enough to handle it. I looked better and felt stronger. 

Beside Jason being a great and cautious trainer he is also a great guy, who's main concern has always my health and wellbeing." - George Lasar

Exercise Programs specific to your goals:

  • Strength Training

         (Powerlifting And Weightlifting)

  • Body Transformation

          (Weight Loss Or Body Building) 

  • Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning. 

Bi-weekly or Monthly Progress Assessments:

  • Weight Tracking


  • Body Fat

  • Body Scan (Fat and Muscular Density)

  • Site Circumfriences  

Nutritional Analysis & Dietary Advice: 

  • Macronutrient Breakdowns 

  • Eating Guidelines 

  • Dietary Plans





"I started training with Jason in September 2014. I always wanted to train and be healthy but was intimidated by the regular gym environment and thought I’d train with a personal trainer for about 6 months to learn, build confidence and then go on my own. Five years later I still train with Jay, four times a week, every week.


Jason is so much more than a personal trainer. He has been fundamental in transforming my view on health and fitness. Jason was instrumental in shifting my mindset on eating and body image. When I started training with Jason I was eating one meal a day and could not do a single bodyweight squat - I had no strength or muscle tone. Today I eat well and I’ve never felt better about myself. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. 


Jason not only offers expert advice on training and form but is also well researched on all related aspects.


There are so many misconceptions out there about weight training for women. It’s all wrong. Weight training and pushing your limits in ways you’ve never imagined is incredibly powerful. Jason is the right person to walk with you through that journey." - Kathleen Pedlar

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