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How  Does Online Training Work?


Using our app, we will guide you every step of the way. Updating your program to suit your needs allowing you to smash your goals.  All the information you'll need will be at the touch of your fingers. 


How Do I Get the App?


Once you have registered we will send you a link and login details that can be personalized.


Do I need access to a Gym?


Access to a gym will increase your program variety making your program more exciting but we can tailor-make home workouts if need be.


 Can Beginners use Online Training?


Online training caters for all types and levels. Demonstration videos are at your fingertips, every exercise will have a video and a description explaining how to do the movement. If that isn’t enough, online coaching is available by messaging your coach through the apps IM or using the support groups.


 How do I track my progress?


Measurement updates will be scheduled into your program, allowing you to enter your results before plotting it on a graph to show you improvements and keeping you motivated. We also use progress photos to keep an eye on your visual improvements and guide you along the way.

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